High Quality & Premium Dinning/F&B linens for your Hotels

Our F&B linen collection includes napkins, table cloths, table runners, and chair covers that are perfect for enhancing the dining experience of your guests. Made from high-quality fabrics, our F&B linen is designed to withstand frequent use and washing while maintaining its softness and sheen. Whether you’re hosting a large banquet or an intimate dinner, our F&B linen will add a touch of elegance to any dining setting.

1. Table Cloth: Our fine table cloths are available in superior natural cotton damask, Durable polyester satin and premium cotton feel fabrics. These durable machine washable table cloths are made of heavier fabrics than most other table cloths in the market. We offer Poly and Velvet Design from 68”to 152”round.

2. Napkin: Today cloth napkins are integral to any meal- weather you are hosting an elegant reception, a formal business dinner, a casual lunch or an easy going Brunch; the correct cloth napkins can do much towards the setting the tone of the events.

Chair covers and ribbons are perfect choice for decorating the chairs for banquet, wedding or special events.

3. Stretch Chair Covers: This type of cover is a stretched cover made of special spandex/lycra yarn. These covers are fitted to give stylish and classy feel.

4. Fabric Chair Covers: Our fabric chair covers are made from polyester material. This material is thick & heavy fabric that does not crease easily. The polyester covers are finished with pleated leg giving elegant look and feel to any venue.

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